Writeshop: Local to Global

Local to Global: A Dialogue Across Scales to Generate Impact (Nationally Determined Commitments)

NDCs are ambitious plans that are providing countries with an opportunity for revisiting the model of development they want to follow and with an additional impetus for change. NDCs give policy-makers the political capital to promote transformative actions bringing together agendas for social and environmental change with potential benefit that span all economic sectors and a broad range of geographical scales. However, national level policies must be properly informed of local priorities and cognizant of potential conflicts between local and national plans. At the same time, local mitigation plans must be mindful of their role and contribution in national objectives and commitments. Moreover, national level plans need to be reconciled with global forces for change which threaten their long term sustainability. The risk of having policies that unravel under budgetary pressure of unfavorable market forces or dissolve due to the erosion of political consensus is high and benefits that might accrue slowly (e.g. soil organic carbon which contributes to sustainable production, resilience and climate change mitigation) can disappear swiftly with changes in policies. Political consensus requires that the benefits and constraints generated at local levels are taken into consideration. This writeshop explores the tension between plans that are developed by stakeholders operating at different geographical scales and whose priorities can differ greatly. Under this context, CCAFS can provide useful insights on how this dialogue across scales has been addressed while engaging CSA science to decision making processes through successful case studies in each of CCAFS regions (including those in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Colombia, Vietnam).

Room: Inishmaan (Lowerground Floor)

Photo of agricultural landscape and clouds