Writeshop: Priority Setting

Ex ante priority setting for CSA research

This write-shop relates to a planned cluster of activities under CCAFS Flagship Program 1 (Priorities and Policies for CSA) on “ex-ante evaluation and priority setting for climate-smart options”. This cluster is one of six learning platforms in CCAFS phase 2; its purpose is to help coordinate climate change work across CRPs, addressing the ex-ante evaluation of climate-smart practices, technologies, and policies, and helping to set realistic CSA targets. What is “climate smart” is largely determined by context, along with the trade-offs and synergies for specific target groups in differing enabling environments. The work will interface with CRP breeding programs and foresight modelling, revolving around downscaled climate data, regional climate outlooks, and appropriate prioritization frameworks. It will also provide support on integrating climate in breeding strategies so that the next generations of crops, livestock, and fish contain the abiotic, biotic and nutritional quality traits required to make agriculture climate-smarter. In addressing issues of adaptation, adaptive capacity and mitigation, this write-shop will:

  • take stock of where we are in relation to ex-ante evaluation methods, models, data and tools at different scales;
  • highlight new and emerging analyses, data and tools that can contribute to ex ante evaluation moving forward;
  • discuss and plan for short- and medium-term needs in relation to additional analyses and information that can contribute to CSA evaluation in target regions

Room: Inishturk (Lowerground Floor)

Photo of agricultural landscape and clouds